Supporting Black Owned Businesses in Portland

Hey Moberi Fam,

We recently went on a mission to find Local Black-Owned Businesses in Portland to support. Here’s what we found:

Fat Cupcake

6011 SE 72nd Ave, Portland, OR 

  • Opened by Anjelica Hayes in 2014 it has been a go-to in Portland ever since! 
  • Their Mission Statement “Fat Cupcake exist to exceed expectations by nurturing a personal culture, facilitating an eclectic atmosphere and creating freshly unique, decadent treats!”
  • At Fat Cupcake we tried their vegan cupcakes.. They were delicious! (no surprise). They also serve non-vegan cupcakes


Check them out at Fat Cupcake and on Instagram and Facebook

Deadstock Coffee 

408 Northwest Couch Street, Portland, OR 

  • A sneaker-themed coffee shop which has become a Chinatown favorite. 
  • We tried a classic, two shots over ice and latte? topped with a cocoa powder in the shape of a sneaker! 
  • They are uniquely identified by their “Coffee Should be Dope” sign on the outside


Check them out at DeadStock Coffee or on Instagram 

Last but not least we visited,

Rose + Lincoln Juicery!

3340 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

  • At Rose + Lincoln they believe that being Happy keeps you Healthy 
  • We tried a few of their drinks, including Makes Me Smile Smoothie! (yum)

Check them out at Rose and Lincoln and on instagram and Facebook 

Let us know what we should try next! If you have any questions or suggestions email us at

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